Here for planet

Our planet provides the raw materials and resources that feed our business, our partners, and our world.

​Let's take care of it!

Food waste solution

When all the pieces line up, it solves multiple problems at once: recycle waste, reduce expense, and recover product.

Reduce carbon footprint

Diverting food waste from landfills is responsible, economical, and critical. It is also sustainable, from beginning to end. 

Exceptional service

At Zutat, we realize that servicing your food waste needs consistently and reliably is critical​.

Honesty & Discipline

Honesty and transparency make us vulnerable. Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.


Passion is attractive, persuasive, and contagious! Our employees don’t just want a paycheck, they want to make a difference.


For our people, growth isn’t a race to surpass others, but to get ahead of ourselves.


When teams work in honest, disciplined, and passionate ways, there are virtually no limits to their productivity.